1.Can you give me the contents of unit, Integration, and system testcases?

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  • Jun 28th, 2007

Testcase ID, Testcase Description, Test datas,Test Procedures, Expected results, Actual results , Status. Preconditions can also be included if necessary

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  • Apr 11th, 2009

The basic format of a testcase are as follows;

1. Testcase ID
2. Test Description.
3. Test Procedures.
4. Expected Result.

Additionally if required test data, preconditions and post conditions can be mentioned.

Actual result should be recored in test cases at the time of execution.

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  • Sep 1st, 2009

The following fields should be given in unit, Integration, and system testcases:

1. Test Case Id
2. Test Case Type
3. Pre-requisite
4. Test Case Priority
5. Test Objective
6. Test Data/Test Script/Test Actions
7. Expected Result
8. Test Case Status (Not Executed, Pass, Fail, Hold, Feature Not Available)

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In testing field we have the testing levels and the testing methodologies
The testing levels are
1. Unit testing
2. Integration testing
3. System testing
4. User acceptance testing they are called as levels of testing its ur question

The testing methodologies are basically we have
1. White box testing
2. Black box testing
3. Incremental testing
4. Thread testing

The white box testers (developers) do both the unit & integration testing.
The black box or functional testers do the system testing
so do not confuse with the levels with the methodologies

Update me if I am incorrect

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