What is Traceability Matrix ? Is there any interchangeable term for Traceability Matrix ?Are Traceability Matrix and Test Matrix same or Different ?

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  • Oct 26th, 2005

Tracebility matrix, It is a document It shows the relation ship between test requirements and test cases.


  • Dec 3rd, 2005

Traceability Matrix is a document which helps you trace way requirements have been taken ccare of :

Requirement--Mapped to-->DesignDocument--Mapped to-->Screen/Batch-->Mapped to-->TestCase

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suresh kumar

  • Jan 2nd, 2006

it is the matrix which gives the relation between test requiremnts and already existing test requirements i.e may be with the similar projects or older projects.

the current application is traced with the similar or older projects and apply the testing methods as the same when the use case documnet has not yet released

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  • Feb 16th, 2006

Traceability matrix is also known as RTM (Requirements traceability matrix) / RVM (requirements validation matrix) ------ defines mapping between the requirements and test cases.


  • Mar 16th, 2006

Do not confuse; can't we give answer in points what exactly TMatric is

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  • Jun 12th, 2006

Rekha Basu Wrote: I think it is not Matrix..it is Metrics.Traceability Metrics is a proof of document to ensure that all the specifications are been tested and the application is bug free.The Traceability metrics Includes The following Details:BRD#FS#TEST CASE#DESCRIPTIONTESTERTEST SETUPPASSED/FAILEDDEFFECTSTATUS OF DEFFECTETC.There are different metices are used to figure out how the QA is going about the testing.Test case execution metricsScript metricsRequirements metricsDeffects tracking metrics.The metrics are also used as Map among differe System features,Test cases,Modules and so on.ex: it is very easy to find who is responsible for deffect id #1009 in Login module for BRD#3.11.5 Etc.

Traceablilty matrix is nothing but tracing the id's right from the Requirement spec id till defect id such as tracking the specified defect if for that specified requirement id.

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  • Jul 3rd, 2006

Hi all

Traceability matrix and test metrics are entirely different. Test metrics is the mathmetical formula which can be drived from various factors (defect rised, test case pass etc).

 Traceability matrix is one which tells the deviation in the current test process with the actual.


  • Sep 1st, 2006


when ever there is ambiguious situation,tester should defend himself ,with regard to  his defect profile document,for that he has to trace back on previous documents in sequence as a proof ,like DTCD,MTCD,FPD,BDD,based on whose ,he prepared test cases.

this is traceability matrix

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  • Sep 27th, 2006

give Example

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Arabinda Kumar Behera

  • Oct 11th, 2006


How many types of Traceability Matrix are there? what is the format

to map what are the fields in that matrix?

Rep. me soooon.


Arabinda Kumar Behera

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Raj P

  • Oct 11th, 2006

Traceability Matrix is the correct term. This is a document which traces the requirements to its corresponding test case. Traceability matrix can be made more elaborate by tracing the requirements to the design to the code to the test cases. In this way we can come to know which requirement change will affect which part of the design and which part of the code and the test case.Usually this is an excel sheet.

divi sarada

  • Oct 17th, 2006

In the diagram, based on the requirements the design is carried out and based
on the design, the codes are developed. Finally, based on these the tests are
created. At any point of time , there is always the provision for checking which
test case was developed for which design and for which requirement that design
was carried out. Such a kind of Traceability in the form of a matrix is the
Traceability Matrix.


  • Dec 12th, 2006

Both are same. Test matrics is nothing but related to test,gathering the infromation as per the perticuler test requrment.

Requirment Tracebility matrix ,It is a document It shows the relation ship between test requirements and test cases.



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  • Feb 27th, 2007

Hi all,Correct Term is Traceability Matrix. Generally we have number of use cases. for that we have number of sub usecases (Maybe) and for that number of test cases. After the testing process how we can confirm that we have executed all the test cases? how we can confirm that we have closed all the bugs? how we can say that All test cases are passed?Answer is TRACEABILITY MATRIX.In this we write Use cases, under this we have some sub usecases (IF), for these use cases and sub use cases we write test cases. So, we'll map the test cases or we'll write the test cases for this use cases. Suppose For a Use Case 'X' we have written 20 test cases. So, for this use case we'll map 20 test cases and for these test cases we'll write pass/Fail results. Like this for all Use cases or for all Functionalities or for all Requirements we'll do like this and we keep updating the results regularly. After the testing task we can easily track how many test cases are pending? how many test cases are not passed? what are they? Why?..........................

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  • Jul 6th, 2007

Traceability Matrix means, the mapping between the requirements and the
TM ID     Requirements                                                  
1.             The
inbox should be opened successfully        
1. Open the login window.
2. Enter valid user id.
3. Enter valid password.

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  • Oct 16th, 2007

RTM: Is the same as a regular matrix EXCEPT is has extra info like:

Test case ID relating to which business requirement, particular function ID, System requirements, their ID's

Now metrics is another story people.

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Divya Anupanand

  • Nov 7th, 2007

As a definition we can tell A requirement Tracebility Matix provides a road map to the requirement by organizing them into a table
In detail-when ever we collect the requirement frm the client we may happen to face 2 types categories of client
1. the client who gives the entire requirements in the beginning phase itself
2. The client who often comes with changes. Here we have to keep track on the client who often comes with changes during the development phaseitslf here we have to decide 2 things a) feasibility b) cost and schedule
In manual ways we can trace all the requirement using tracebility matrix

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  • Feb 13th, 2008

A Tracability matrix is a document required for mapping the test cases with the requirements specification.

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This maps the test cases to the use cases. ie to test a particular functionality how many test cases must be done.? hence it helps the testers to carry out the test with a clear instruction.

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  • Jul 28th, 2008

Traceability Matrix is a document used for traceing back for the reference, in case of ambiguous or questionable situation.
Test Metrics is different from Traceability Matrix.
Metrics means measurement
Test Metrics is a numerical figure.

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  • Sep 26th, 2008

Traceability Matrix is a matrix that defines the mapping between the requirements and the test cases. It can help tester to trace each test case being done to prevent missing any test case or do each test case twice or more.

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Traceability Matrix - In simple words mapping requirements with Test cases

As documents are interdependent the data present in the child document (Test case document must be based on Parent document (requirements) and whenever we are facing problem's like developer is not accepting the bug as it is not as per the design or requirements, at that time we can show them the proof by tracing test cases with requirements
Traceability matrix show how many test cases were written to for a particular requirements/functionality/module
When we are doing impact analysis, Traceability matrix will help us to find out how many test cases are affected when ever any changes are happened in the application

Please suggest me if I am wrong.


  • May 19th, 2009

Traceabilty Matrix helps in auditing the life of a requirement.Any change made to the req would imply a change to the test scripts,previous version of requirements and the code developed.

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  • May 20th, 2009

Traceability Matrix is to ensure the coverage of requirements that for each requirement, there is one or more (Some times) test case(s) (automated TC's are also considered) is written or not. Whereas Test metrix comes after the test case execution which deals with number of bugs / module, number of critical bugs/ module, number of bugs fixed and rejected, number of bugs raising on duration, etc such details either in graphical / tabular notation form.

1) Traceability Matrix is used to verify that all requirements are mapped to test cases. 

2) It is also known as a "Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)."

3) They are different.  Test Matrix is a generic term used for any matrix devised to assist the testing process. 

Traceability Matrix is a document which is used to mapping the Requirements and the test cases.
And also it used to identify whether all the requirements has been covered or not.
It is used to identify is there any duplicate test case has been written for the functional requirements.


  • Feb 28th, 2010

Traceability Matrix is something which can show the relationship between your test requirements to the test cases and vice versa.

There is no other interchangable word for this.

Test Matrix is different. It has nothing to do with the above.
Test Matrix could mean any of the following:
1. A matrix representaing test cases executed in each test build or test phase or release.
2. If a specific test case contains large number of variables, then the test matrix would display the variables tested in each execution.

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  • Oct 25th, 2011

matrices plural of matrix.

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