What are the possible batch posting error statuses?

Error1: The batch has a control total violation

Error2: Selected for posting to a period that is not open

Error3: Showing no journal entries for this batch

Error4: Showing journal control total violation

Error5: Showing multiple problems preventing posting of batch

Error6: Showing an unbalanced journal entry, and suspense posting is not allowed  

Error7: Showing invalid journal entry lines or no journal entry lines for this batch        

Error8: Showing unbalanced encumbrance entry without reserve account

Error9: Showing an encumbrance journal entry with no encumbrance type

Error10: Showing unbalanced intercompany journal entry

Error11: Showing unbalanced journal entry by account category

Error12: Funds reservation failed

Error13: Showing invalid period and conversion information for this batch

Error14: Showing journal entry with invalid or inactive suspense account

Error15: Showing encumbrance entry with invalid or inactive reserve account

Error16: Showing journal entry with invalid or inactive intercompany account


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