What is the load runner end transaction and its syntax.

It will end the transaction.
Syntax. Lr-end-transaction("transaction name", LR-AUTO).

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  • Aug 17th, 2006

lr_start_transaction("Transaction name",LR_AUTO);

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  • Mar 15th, 2014

Transactions are the starting and ending point of any user action .


// User Activity would be recorded here.


During recording of a script we start a transaction with name="Login" then perform the Login activity on the application and after completion of login activity we click on end Transaction Button.
transaction are mainily used for measuring the time taken for any specific activity i.e. Login in above case.

lr_start_transaction ( const char *transaction_name );
Marks the beginning of any transaction.

lr_end_transaction (const char *transaction_name, int status ) ;
Marks the ending of a transaction.
Note:- Name of the transaction in both start and end should be same otherwise LR will throw an error.

you can manually set the status of any transaction using status attribute.
LR_PASS :- For Success
LR_FAIL:- For Failure
LR_AUTO :- value will be automatically assigned
LR_STOP :- For Aborted

Example:- In the following example the user open a link "www.xyz.com" . If the link open successfully the transaction is marked with pass else fail.


rc = web_url("www.xyz.com",


/* End transaction with operation result - pass or fail */
if (rc == 0)

lr_end_transaction("Open_Link", LR_PASS);


lr_end_transaction("Open_Link", LR_FAIL);

bhanu prakash B

  • Jul 18th, 2014

Load Runner is one of the testing tool in performance testing.

It contains 4 components

4.Load Generater

End transation is Lr_end_transaction(application name_SenarioName_pageNumber_pageName) short cut key is ctrl+d

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