Difference between client dependent and client independent tables?

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Anuj Kumar

  • Jun 21st, 2005

When we add a field MANDT of type MANDT then our table is client dependent and is visible to only that client. But if this Field is not added to the table then we can access the table using any client number.


  • Jul 24th, 2005

Tables which can be access by all user are client independent (no mandt field in table) 
tables which can be access by some specific user are client dependent (use mandt field in table)


  • Aug 7th, 2005

Client dependent tables have a mandatory field MANDT field.

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  • Aug 10th, 2005

Difference between client dependent and client independent tables?

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  • Sep 13th, 2005

A client-dependent table has the field MANDT of data type CLNT, which indicates Client id.

A client-independent table does not have this field.


  • Jun 29th, 2007

The client table can't find difference between them

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Ishan bhatt

  • Sep 11th, 2011

In client dependent on same server the client not change the other client tables or records (actually client dont see the other client record so they not change)

In client independent in same server client change the other client data table or record.

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  • Sep 20th, 2011

Client dependent means confined to that particular client ... for example SAP-SCRIPT is client dependent i.e scripts written in a client(for eg: 800) is confined that client only and not available in any other client in the same server.
where as Client independent means not confined to particular client....for example ABAP programs are client independents i.e programs written in one client is available in all clients in the same server

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Client Dependent Tables are the ones which will have the first field as MANDT - Specifying that the data maintained in this tables are specific only to this table in this client say drd 110 and will not be available in other client say drd 105 .

Client Independent Tables are the Tables which will not have Mandatory Field and the data maintained in these tables are available across any clients.

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  • Mar 21st, 2012

A Client Dependent Table is viewable only by the credentials proposed. Only those people of same client login can see those contents of that table.

But a few tables, which need to show the same info for any client, those are made as client independent.

The syst table is a best example for client independent

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  • Apr 19th, 2012

Actually Z tables are client dependent tables. And MANDT is not mandatory. if you're using this field others can identify this is client dependent table or not.

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