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What are different types of Journal entries?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jul 21st, 2005
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mahathma bachu

Answered On : Jul 21st, 2005

These are Standard,Recurring,Reversal,Stastical,Formula,Budjet,encumbarance,Tax Journal

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Answered On : Sep 27th, 2005

Actual, Budget, Encumbrance, Suspense, Tax, Reverse, Statistical, Recurring.

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Answered On : Dec 12th, 2005

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There are 4 types of journal entries. 1. Basic Journal Entry - Used for most of the accounting transactions2. Reversing JE - Created by reversing the existing journal entry3. Recurring JE - Defined once and then generated for subsequent       accounting period4. Mass Allocation - Created to allocate the revenues and assets to a     group of resources(cost centers, depts, divisions,etc) from a single     Journal. 

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There are 5 types of jouranl entries1. Manual Journal2. Recurring Journal,3. Allocation Journal,4. Budget Journal and 5. Imported Journals from other sub ledgers.RegardsGupta

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Answered On : Oct 10th, 2007

There 3 types of journal available in Gl1.Suspense journals2.Tax Journals:a)Input tax  b)output Tax3.Recurring journalsa)skeleton    b)Standard  c)Formula

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Answered On : Jan 27th, 2008

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There are total of five types of journal entries1) manual journal - Are the journals entered int he system when noother subsystem exists to create the journals. Basically a manual way of going into the general ledger responsibility and creating a journal via data entry.2) recurring journal - are the journals that occur periodically. For ex)- a journal entry that has to be created for rent expense every month- a journal entry that has to be created for fixed interest expense paid to the bank every month on the bank loan          3) allocation journal - are the journals that allocate or distribute cost pools to various accounts based on usage rations. For example) mass allocation journals for a company's rent expense would allocate rent expense across company's departments based on the square foot usage by that department.4) budget journal - are journals created in budgets portion of journal ledger. these entries basically insert or update budget data.5) imported journal - these are the journals that have been imported into the oracle general ledger from oracle receivables or oracle payables etc.

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