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Using aliases and contexts together to resolve a loop

Asked By: sreya_1234 | Asked On: Feb 6th, 2008

How and in what scenario we can use alias and context together to resolve the loop?

Answered by: ranjoy7 on: Jun 17th, 2008

To solve Fan trap we use both aliases & context

Answered by: prasadkanchya on: Jun 3rd, 2008

If you have only one look up table in loop then  use Alias .If you have look up table that is on  only one end of Join then use Alias to solve the join path problem.If you have more than one fact table use context to solve the problem.

How we drill up week to month?

Asked By: reddeppa | Asked On: Apr 6th, 2006

Answered by: sandeepkumarc on: Jun 13th, 2008

Very simple,  click scope of analysis-> select by hierarcy radio button -> check boxes of year and month -> click ok ->run->generate report-> click drill tab ->you will get a...

Answered by: jgd.ramesh on: Aug 19th, 2007

First you set in report levelcustomer hierarchies and then using drill mode

What is the diferrence between slice and dice & drill through

Asked By: raghu | Asked On: Mar 13th, 2006

Answered by: sandeepkumarc on: Jun 13th, 2008

Slice and dice is used for data manipulation and Drill through is used for Data analysis.

Answered by: Latha03 on: Jan 20th, 2007

HiSlice and dice allows us to show and hide the objectsWhere as drill allows us to drill the data like drill up, drill down, drill through depending upon the user requirements.

What all will be exported to the repository, when we export a universe ?

Asked By: sreetu | Asked On: Aug 15th, 2006

Answered by: sandeepkumarc on: Jun 13th, 2008

Classes, objects, connection& security information

Answered by: Goverdhan Reddy on: Aug 16th, 2006

when we export a universe first time,a unique identifier is allocated to the universe and this identifier is updated on the local version of the universe in the universe domainIf we export the un...

What is the difference between sort and filter function

Asked By: nikitababaria | Asked On: Feb 14th, 2007

E.G I have a column having data as 1, 5, 7, 3, 4, 5, 9sorting will sort as 1,3,4,5,5,7,9what will ranking do???

Answered by: anuanu on: May 24th, 2008

Hi, it seems u r confused, you have asked the question as diff b/n sort and filter and the given scenario is on sort and ranking.diff b/n sorting and ranking is : if u apply a sort on a particular obj...

Answered by: newinbo on: Apr 23rd, 2008

Sort means to sort data or value in Ascending or Descending order. But Filter means to filter any unnecessary data(according to requirement). For example in your case if you sort data by Ascending ord...

1)how to send universe from development to production?2)how to send reports from development to production?3)there are 2 tables...Table 1 and table 2....Suppose if table 1 shows some times shows 5 rows...

Asked By: yukthi | Asked On: Apr 26th, 2007

Answered by: anuanu on: May 24th, 2008

1 &2 ) In our scenario will maintain only one copy of the universe and whatever the changes we need to add, will do that in dev and then will export it to repository. the admin will migrate t...

Answered by: newinbo on: Apr 23rd, 2008

I don't know whether the answer given by Bandaru is correct or not. But seems it is based on BO 6.X version  or earlier. There is nothing like Supervisor in BO XIR2. So is above ans...

Shortcut joins

Asked By: kamal.7923 | Asked On: Apr 16th, 2008

What is the use of a shortcut joins and explain with realtime usage

Answered by: anuanu on: May 12th, 2008

As per my knowledge shortcut join will resolve the loop automatically.

Answered by: ganesh.hbad on: Apr 17th, 2008

short cut joins are used to improve the query performance at universe level.Suppose if we have 4 tables A,B,C and DA--->B---->C---->D and  there is a chance to link A--->D  but w...

Boxir2 installation

Asked By: ravikiranbo | Asked On: May 12th, 2008

How to install boxir2 into personal computer using windows?

Boxi features

Asked By: arshad709 | Asked On: May 8th, 2008

What are the new features of boxi?

How to delete watchfiles in boxi

Asked By: arshad709 | Asked On: May 8th, 2008

Is there a option in business object xi to delete watchfiles.

What is the difference between section and master in bo 6.5 desktop intelligence.

Asked By: BHANU PRAKASH | Asked On: Aug 2nd, 2007

Answered by: rahul07 on: May 5th, 2008

Section is obtained in master/detail reports which enable you to split large blocks of data into sections.we declare certain entity as a master to get detailed information or report.

Can you add the cascading promprts in business objects? (based on country prompt selection you need to provide the option to select sate/province in the next state prompt. That means dynamically refresh...

Asked By: Uma | Asked On: Feb 19th, 2006

Answered by: krvikramraju on: Apr 25th, 2008

I feel you are getting confused with Cascading LOVs and Cascading Prompts.In Business Objects XI, we have Nested Prompts (which you might call cascading prompts). And this is since 6.x version and there is no change in that.From XI, they have introduced Cascading LOVs concept.

Answered by: antonykumar on: Jan 3rd, 2008

Yes, possible through the version XI R2.1) Create Dynamic Cadaing Parameters(DCP) LOV in Business View Manager XIR2.2) Schedule the DCP LOV within Business View Manager XIR2.3) Call DCP LOV within Crystal Reports XIR2.++Antony

How to migrate requirements from doors to quality center

Asked By: prasanth_101 | Asked On: Apr 24th, 2008

Hi,can any one say how to export requirements from doors to excel 1. It should be done automatic not manually2. All the requirement's and their links also to be exported into excel

How to do row level security in supervisor??

Asked By: nikitababaria | Asked On: Feb 18th, 2007

Answered by: newinbo on: Apr 23rd, 2008

Could any body tell me how to do row level securuty in BO XIR2.......

Answered by: nmpsachdeva on: Feb 21st, 2007

Select the universe in the supervisor. Right click and open property of that universe.Go to Rows tab. Click on Add button and select the table on which you want to apply row level security.

Business objects is which type of the olap tool?

Asked By: satyavani | Asked On: Sep 20th, 2006

Answered by: newinbo on: Apr 22nd, 2008

It is definetly a ROLAP (Relational OLAP) Tool.

Answered by: bandaru on: May 22nd, 2007

It is MOLAP-Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing ROLAP-Relational Analytical Online Processing.

Zabo connections

Asked By: kamal.7923 | Asked On: Apr 10th, 2008

What's the difference between secured, personal, shared, full-client, and zabo connections?

Different background in alternative rows

Asked By: senthil0613 | Asked On: Dec 21st, 2007

Hi hii am senthil. I have one question please help me.I want to set the report different background in alternative rows(like even number rows one background color and odd number rows in one background colour)how I do this one?

Answered by: tarunbalu on: Mar 28th, 2008

Wow, thanks! :D

Answered by: mkm123 on: Mar 15th, 2008

In WEBI, select whole structure of table, and select the Alternet row/column colour from the properties window.

How do you hide column in the report

Asked By: ayroos | Asked On: Feb 21st, 2008

Answered by: hari7878 on: Mar 27th, 2008

There are two ways are there for providing security to the object.1.In designer on tools menu manage level security then to add what you want objects or groups or users if any2.In CMS Select the optio...

Answered by: Praveen Vaddadi on: Feb 22nd, 2008

We can hide a specific column as follows:FORMAT -->TABLE --> Pivotthen select the column you need and click on the Hide button - PV

Business object security

Asked By: BPatel | Asked On: Jan 31st, 2008

What is an open-ended security?

Answered by: hari7878 on: Mar 27th, 2008

There are 3 types of security can be provided in business objects XIR2.They are 1.object level               2.Folder level               3.Global levelIf you have any query mailme to hari7878 @ gmail . comUpdated byHariprasad

Aggregate awarness function

Asked By: gdamu | Asked On: Mar 26th, 2008

In bo 6.5 how to implement aggregate awarness function in retail outlet scope.

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