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Hi... Can you please tell me how to delete a duplicate rows in a report. Whether it is posible.

Asked By: vvk.kotamraju | Asked On: Oct 28th, 2006

Answered by: raks on: Nov 7th, 2006

You can stop the retrivel of duplicate rows by selecting the optin properties in infoview.In the query panel when u start to drag and drop the objects there another tab knoen as 'PROPERTIES' u can unselect RETRIVEL DUPLICATE ROWS

Answered by: devireddyanil on: Nov 6th, 2006

Hai....u can delete the duplicate rows in u r report the query panel ...classees and object window below option button is ther click that one query option window open from thet delete the dup...

We create x reports using template.Can we change the template?

Asked By: selvakumarn | Asked On: Oct 12th, 2006

Answered by: anilkumar on: Oct 28th, 2006

yes we can create new template for report and also we can change the query also .

Answered by: Bharath on: Oct 16th, 2006

You can not modify the templete. Modify old report and create a new templete based on the report and use it.

Name some of the business objects dashboard analytics?

Asked By: sudheer | Asked On: Oct 10th, 2006

Answered by: businessobjects on: Oct 22nd, 2006

some of the most commonly used analytics are Alerts,interactive metric trends,maps,metric trees,pareto charts, gauges such as speedo meters & traffic lights,viewers.

Can anyone specify the address from where we can get the information about dashboard in business objects?

Asked By: sudheer | Asked On: Sep 26th, 2006

Answered by: bhavna on: Oct 7th, 2006

Yes Business Object XI R2 quick tour is there which shows the Dashboard and its functionality

Answered by: opbang on: Sep 26th, 2006

Business Object XI  is having Dashboard

Hi, could any of u say the answer for the following question which I faced in the interviewthe question is "when will training occur in bo?" thanks,valli.R

Asked By: valli_shan | Asked On: Oct 3rd, 2006

Answered by: sivakumar on: Oct 6th, 2006


if the training that u were talking is for users, then usually  it happens once we are done with development.



What are the requirements for cube creation in business objects xi?

Asked By: sudheer | Asked On: Sep 26th, 2006

Answered by: R.Parthiban on: Oct 5th, 2006

You should have a  "Universe" with proper star or snowflak schema(Dimension and Fact) .Call this Universe in the "infoview"  to create a web intelligent ananlysis(OLAP) report.  

In a report can we hide an particular object ?

Asked By: Raj | Asked On: Sep 30th, 2006

Answered by: businessobjects on: Oct 3rd, 2006

yes we can show/hide a perticular object in a table by using the pivot tab of the format table dialog box

What is drill filter and it's usage ? How many types of filters are there ?

Asked By: devireddyanil | Asked On: Jul 10th, 2006

Answered by: businessobjects on: Oct 3rd, 2006

drill filters acts as query conditions when you bring new data from from databasewe can not say there are different types of drill filters,because we apply filters through scope os analysis and set&nb...

Answered by: MuthuKumar on: Jul 20th, 2006

Three types of drill is in BO.1.drill up,2.drill down,3.drill thro'.

drill up means second->minutes->hour->->day

drill down means region->country->state->district

drill thro'--wht ever u want that element

What is a data cube ? What is its use ?

Asked By: sneha | Asked On: Aug 6th, 2006

Answered by: selva on: Sep 27th, 2006

data cubes are processing units composed of fact and dimensions.

Answered by: Aravind Sankaran on: Aug 28th, 2006

Data cube is the representation of data along every possible dimension included in the query.

What is aggregate awareness and how can we use it?

Asked By: Prabhu | Asked On: Jul 20th, 2006

Answered by: opbang on: Sep 27th, 2006

You can use features in Designer to allow you to define the Select statement for an object to run a query against aggregate tables in the database instead of the base tables. You can set conditions so...

Answered by: pinki on: Jul 20th, 2006

aggregate awareness function is used to aggregate the values present in the classes in decending order.for instance we have year,quarter,month,week tablesthen we sum the year,sum(quarter),sum(month),s...

How do you find the average of an object with out using the average function and by using only sum,average,max,min?

Asked By: Surya | Asked On: Sep 6th, 2006

Answered by: immas on: Sep 22nd, 2006

Use Sum() and  Count() function like Sum() / Count() you will get your average value.

Is there any other repository domains rather than universe,security,doccument?

Asked By: sunil | Asked On: Aug 8th, 2006

Answered by: Murtuza on: Sep 20th, 2006


Answered by: sujithonrao on: Sep 6th, 2006

There are only three main Domains Security, Universe and document. You can have multiple Universe and Documents domains in a repository but only one Security domain.

What is diference between datamart and datawarehouse?

Asked By: Barbie | Asked On: Aug 22nd, 2006

Answered by: sithu on: Sep 12th, 2006

Subject oriented, integrated, non-volatile, time variant and historical data is called as data warehouse


A sub set of data warehouse is called as data mart,





Answered by: suraj on: Sep 1st, 2006

Data marts, simply defined, are smaller data warehouses that can function independently or can be interconnected to form a global integrated data warehouse.

Clearly explain the difference between union and group

Asked By: sneha | Asked On: Aug 5th, 2006

Answered by: sumanbalaram on: Sep 2nd, 2006

union operation can be performed on basic cubes, remote cubes, ods objects, master data objects,infosets. i.e u can form union operation simultaneously on cubes, ods, master data objects, in...

Answered by: Reuben on: Aug 21st, 2006

If a table has 2 columns Gender and NameGender      NameMale         TomMale        &...

What is bo sdk?

Asked By: satyasrd | Asked On: Aug 4th, 2006

Answered by: Pooja on: Aug 24th, 2006

BO SDK is  a software  development kit. It is a part of Business objects Developer suite. It is used to customize or add more features to Business objects, designer and report viewer components.

Developer suite also contains Webintelligence SDK , which is used to customize Webintelligence.

Are data mart and dwh normalised or denormalised ? Do both of them exist inthe same tier ?

Asked By: sneha | Asked On: Aug 6th, 2006

Answered by: Goverdhan Reddy on: Aug 17th, 2006

Yes both can exist on the same tier because Datamart is a subset of data warehouse and it supports a particular region, business unit or business function.

The data in the Datamart and DWH is Denormalized and optimized for OLAP systems

Diffrence between zabo and webi

Asked By: sneha | Asked On: Jul 31st, 2006

Answered by: Senthil Raj on: Aug 3rd, 2006

Both are user in 3-trier architecture. ZABO-Zero Administration BusinessObject means we dont need to install BO to view the reports. while we open the reports through infoview the server installs the ...

Answered by: Renu on: Aug 1st, 2006

ZABO is zero administrator businessobjects , which will be installed on your local m/c when any full client report in opened/edited from infoview . For this you don't require any BO mainkey , key wil...

What is meant by object stores?

Asked By: surya | Asked On: Jul 13th, 2006

Answered by: rasmikanta on: Jul 21st, 2006

object store is nothing but the container of object which is created after rpt file run  once.

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