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  • peoplesoft upgrade

    You are in middle of an upgrade System Integration testing, When there is a need to apply the latest Maintenance Pack for the higher version, What steps or options will you follow and where will you apply the MP? 1) Apply MP on Higher Version Demo used for Upgrade and evaluate impact 2) Apply MP on a copy of Higher Version Demo used for upgrade and evaluate Impact. 3) After fixing objects in MP for...


    • Jan 18th, 2017

    2 and 4
    Because applying maintenance on the participating environments can break the Data Conversion. So its best to test it on the copy of one of the upgraded environments to test the impact and then apply it on the target after upgrade is completed.


    • Nov 24th, 2016

    1 and 3

  • PeopleSoft instance from DB2 to Oracle

    You have moved a PeopleSoft instance from DB2 to Oracle and when trying to build tables and indices, you notice that the SQLs generated by the Application designer are wrong / unacceptable, What could be the possible issue ? which is the best option a) Issues with PSDDLMODEL b) Definitely not any one of the above c) Issues with Application Designer d) Issues with PSOPTION e) Issues with PSDDLTEMPLATE


    • Jan 18th, 2017

    A) Issues with PSDDLMODEL

    This table holds the Oracle DDL templates (i.e how the syntax of table , index etc should be in a particular DB )
    There is a delivered DMS script (psddl.dms) that can be run to reset the structure of the objects