Need to create a prompt page and report page linked

Hi All,
There is a scenario.There should be one prompt page having choice to choose between:
->Cross tab
According to the choice selected, the page generates either List or Cross tab.
Please suggest the solution with steps.

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  • Oct 9th, 2013

In your first page Drop your list and CrossTab Insertable objects fill ur data in those.

Then create a Prompt page where in drop Value Prompt Object with paramter1 just click finish
In the properties pane go to Static Choices and add 2 values as List n CrossTab click ok

come back your page1 and then select the List Object and in the properties pane go to Render Variable
select the variable as boolean1 and then give the condition as parameter1= List click ok

now to go to your CrossTab and in the properties pane go to Render Variable
select the variable as boolean2 and then give the condition as parameter1= CrossTab click ok

and run the page


  • Nov 19th, 2013

1. Create the List and Cross tab reports with required data.
2. Drag and drop a value prompt to the prompt page.
3. Name the parameter as selection, then click on finish.
4. High light the value prompt then select the Static choice property as
Value Display
1 List
2 Crosstab

5. Go to the report page and drag and drop a Conditional block to the report page.
6. In the properties pane select the Block variable and assign a string variable.
7. Define the string variable as ParamValue(?selection?) with values as 1, 2.
8. Then select the current block as 1 then select the whole List report (Ancestor ->List),then drag and drop in the Conditional Block.
9. Similarly select the Conditional Block and select the Block varialbe and assign value 2.Then select the current Block as 2.
10. Select the Whole Crosstab report(Ancestor->Crosstab), then drag and drop the cross tab report into the conditional block.
11. Run the report then you will have the required report option in the prompt page to select to run the required report as per your requirement

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