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  • PL/SQL table vs Global Temporary Table

    Difference between PL/SQL table and Global Temporary Table. why we use Global Temporary Table without using PL/SQL Table.


    • Sep 3rd, 2013

    1.Global Temporary table is stored in Temporary tablespace while PL/SQL table is stored in PGA. 2.SQL operations can not be performed on pl/sql tables whereas it can be performed on GTT as any normal...


    • Aug 16th, 2013

    PL/SQL table or associated array is a collection (data type). Where as GTT is a temp table created to store/process data for a particular session. Once you log out of the session the data is gone, not the table structure.

  • How to convert rows in column using SQL in Oracle

    How to convert rows in column using SQL in Oracle; for example sl_no 1 2 3 4 output is 1234; How to convert one column value into rows using SQL for example employee_name Kumar output K u m a r

    Kandavel Durairaj

    • Nov 8th, 2013

    Using LISTAGG. Read the oracle documentation for more info.