PL/SQL table vs Global Temporary Table

Difference between PL/SQL table and Global Temporary Table. why we use Global Temporary Table without using PL/SQL Table.

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PL/SQL table or associated array is a collection (data type). Where as GTT is a temp table created to store/process data for a particular session. Once you log out of the session the data is gone, not the table structure.

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  • Sep 3rd, 2013

1.Global Temporary table is stored in Temporary tablespace while PL/SQL table is stored in PGA.

2.SQL operations can not be performed on pl/sql tables whereas it can be performed on GTT as any normal tables

3.GTT is available to enire DB as name itself suggest.It is a glabal temporary table.Whereas associative array is private to the subprogram in which it is declared

4.GTT is persistent in nature but data not.The persistence of the data is defined at session level or transaction level whereas PLSQL table is session specific.

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