Submitted Questions

  • Handle Mass Resignation

    1) Why do you think you are fit for Team Leader Role2) If 5 people resigned from the team of 8 how will you handle the process


    • Mar 14th, 2011

    If you have a strong team, your resigning employees should care enough about you and the rest of the team to resign admarabilly and not leave you high and dry. The eight people, if you as teamlead fos...

  • Uninterested Peer

    1) If you are a Supervisor and you have your peer with you who is not interested to work with you, how would you handle that situation?2) What would be your action plan to your peer when he/she is not accepting you even after convincing?3) How would you deal with an aggressive team member4) What would you do for the process, after becoming Team Leader


    • Jun 27th, 2013

    I will make them realize my potential of work and for compensating i will bring new ideas or big project for them which will make him/her to be proud as my team leader or superior.