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  • Determine Max. & Min. Temperatures

    A motor has a heating time constant of 90 minutes & cooling time constant of 120 minutes & final steady state temp. Rise on full load of 60 deg. Celsius. The motor has repeated load cycle of full load for 30 minutes followed by stationary period of 30 minutes. Determine the max. & min. Temperatures.

  • Synchronous Motor

    What is self control mode of a synchronous motor?When operated with variable frequency, a synchronous motor has an advantage over an induction motor. What is it?While operating on phase controlled converter the commutation capability of the motor detoriates. Explain why?Why a current source inverter fed induction motor is unstable, if operated in open loop?

    Bharat Rathod (Bunny)

    • May 10th, 2018

    A machine is said to be self controlled if it gets its variable frequency from an inverter whose thrusters are freed in a sequence, using the information of rotor position or stator voltages. In the f...