Synchronous Motor

What is self control mode of a synchronous motor?
When operated with variable frequency, a synchronous motor has an advantage over an induction motor. What is it?
While operating on phase controlled converter the commutation capability of the motor detoriates. Explain why?
Why a current source inverter fed induction motor is unstable, if operated in open loop?

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Bharat Rathod (Bunny)

  • May 10th, 2018

A machine is said to be self controlled if it gets its variable frequency from an inverter whose thrusters are freed in a sequence, using the information of rotor position or stator voltages. In the former a rotor position sensor is employed which measures the rotor position with respect to the stator and sends pulses to the thyristors. Thus frequency of the inverter output is decided by the rotor speed.
A self controlled synchronous motor is a substitute for a D.C. motor drive and finds application where a D.C. motor is objectionable due to its mechanical Commutator, which limits the speed range and power output.

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