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  • What is meant by filter? What are the different types of filters?

    The output of the rectifier pulsating in nature, it consists of a desired DC component of voltage and unwanted ripple components. These ripple components are removed by placing filter circuit at the output of the rectifier.Types of filters: 1. capacitor filter 2. series inductor filter 3. LC filters of following two types (a)capacitance input filter (b)inductance unput...

    gajanan ghawale

    • Jun 27th, 2017

    In order to remove DC component which are left behind the Rectifier circuit output, the circuit consist combination of resistor capacitor or Inductor is known as filter

    Deepali Goyal

    • Jun 10th, 2017

    Filter is used to select only a particular range of frequencies. Filters are basically are of two types
    1. Active Filters
    2. Passive Filters