What is meant by filter? What are the different types of filters?

The output of the rectifier pulsating in nature, it consists of a desired DC component of voltage and unwanted ripple components. These ripple components are removed by placing filter circuit at the output of the rectifier.

Types of filters:
1. capacitor filter
2. series inductor filter
3. LC filters of following two types
(a)capacitance input filter
(b)inductance unput filter
4.RC filters.

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  • Aug 5th, 2009

Filters are used to remove the unwanted or undesirable components of a output
waveform, so the basic work of filters is to smoothen the output.
From electrical devices we
are not getting perfect sinusoidal output, it contains a DC component i.e.
ripples, harmonic distortions etc. so filters are used to rectify these


  • Nov 24th, 2009

An electrical circuit which is used to remove unwanted signals from the output of a system is called a filter. Filters can be classified into many types based on how they are built, the purpose they serve, the range of filtering etc.
Typically, they are classified as
1) Low Pass filters(allows frequencies upto a cut-off freq)
2) High Pass filters(allows frequencies above a cut-off freq)
3) Band Pass filters(allows input frequencies in a specified range)
4) Band Reject filters(rejects frequencies in a specified range)

Shashikant jagtap

  • Oct 19th, 2013

In hwr & fwr what is the function of filters?


  • Nov 1st, 2013

In signal processing, especially electronics, an algorithm or device for removing part(s) of a signal:

Filter (signal processing), especially,
Electronic filter, an electronic circuit which processes signals, for example to remove unwanted frequency components
Digital filter, a system that performs mathematical operations to reduce or enhance certain aspects of a signal
Analogue filter, a basic building block of signal processing much used in electronics, see Passive analogue filter development

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  • Nov 29th, 2013

filter is used to remove the unwanted signals in the circuit

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  • Jul 30th, 2014

The o/p of the rectifier ckt is not pure dc its pulsating in nature to make the o/p pure dc smooth dc the filter circuit is connected to the o/p of rectifier
Not only in the rectifier ckt but where ever we want to remove unwanted signal from the band filters a used accordingly. The types of filters are RC,LC,CAPACITOR,SERIES INDUCTOR ETC on the basis of choosing desired signal band pass and band reject filters are used they are low band pass filter, high band pass filters etc

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  • Sep 15th, 2014

filter is remove unwanted signal not using the output signal.

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