Submitted Questions

  • EIM

    When you are running a job, is that mandatory that the configuration files should be placed on server? If so which directory should they be placed?

    Atanu Bhattacharya

    • Jun 20th, 2014

    It is not mandatory to keep the IFB file at admin folder. Admin folder is the default path and if one wants to keep the IFB file in other place at server, the path needs to be mentioned along with IFB file name.


    • Mar 7th, 2014

    Not necessary to place ifb files in admin folder. It can be configured as well to pick up from different path on server.

  • EIM

    What is the purpose of X_ columns in EIM table.


    • Aug 8th, 2012

    those are the extended columns in the table, when ever a column created in the base table, there is a need of creating a eim column also . can be done through wizard by right click on the table, eim t...

  • EIM

    When you run an EIM job using configuration file(ifb). if you get an error and the log says invalid file name. what will you do?

    Dave Delaney

    • Jan 21st, 2014

    Where the IFB files reside is a configurable parm. But the default is siebsrvradmin. Note that even though the ifb files may be in the correct location you will still gete a file not found error for unix/aix based siebel servers if you have not run the chmod +x on the ifb file set.

    Lokesh M

    • Jan 5th, 2013

    This error occurs when the file is not located in the folder from the Batch file is run. You need to verify if the configuration .ifb file name and the path to the file is valid and is correctly spe...