When you are running a job, is that mandatory that the configuration files should be placed on server? If so which directory should they be placed?

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  • Nov 22nd, 2012

Usually ifb files are located under directory- siebsrvr/admin/..

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  • Nov 22nd, 2012

Yes, it is mandatory to have the IFB files in the directory- siebsrvr/admin path as these files will be called at runtime

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  • Mar 7th, 2014

Not necessary to place ifb files in admin folder. It can be configured as well to pick up from different path on server.

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Atanu Bhattacharya

  • Jun 20th, 2014

It is not mandatory to keep the IFB file at admin folder. Admin folder is the default path and if one wants to keep the IFB file in other place at server, the path needs to be mentioned along with IFB file name.

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