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  • GC and Performance

    If there are 5 different .net applications running on a single machine,When the Garbage Collector wakes up how does it release the unused resources1)Will there be 5 threads of GC running(1 for each application)?2)Will there be just 1 thread of GC servicing all the 5 applications?3)Irrespective of the above scenarios,wil there be performance issues with the 5 applications because of the GC

    Aldo John

    • Sep 5th, 2008

    GC is a thread running in the .net CLR. There is only one thread for the entire runtime which manages any number of applications running....GC.Collect() is just a request to the runtime to initiate a collection....

  • Database Access

    Can we do database operations without using any of the objects?This was an interview question

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    1. SQLCMD is the utility which supports command line interface to perform SQL operations. Output data in xml file & do opertions!

    2. Alternate way to fetch data is enabling SQL server option which allows to provides data on web in XML format (IDK where it is but yes it was there in SQL 2k). Its data on http so you can read & process it just like a web service but cant perform operations.

    I am sure there are other ways too! like

    1. Create own database format other then SQL

    2. Set up API in other application to fetch/process data in other application & set up custom components to store/process them.