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  • Is java a fully object oriented programming or not? if not why?

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    • Member Since Jul-2008 | Aug 4th, 2008

    No. Java is not 100 % Pure OOP because of following three reasons:
    1) It doesnot support Multiple inheritance.
    2) It allows use of primitive data types which are not an objects.
    3) It allows static methods to call without creating the instance.

    This disobeys OOPs concepts 
    Java isnt 100% pure OOPS coz if it were then everything should be classes and objects, whereas java still has primitive data type which violates the above said statement...SmallTalk is the only 100% pure OOPS language


    • Jun 6th, 2019

    Java is not a pure object oriented programming language because of the primitive data type.
    But java can be made 100% object oriented programming language by making use of wrapper classes.

    Amit Kumar

    • May 21st, 2018

    Sorry, I am completely agree that java is a pure object oriented language. First of all answer me one question , what do you mean by object oriented programming ? object oriented programming is a conc...

  • What is the use of having finally?


    • Dec 24th, 2012

    Finally is the block which will be executed irrespective of exception caught in catch block.
    Hence it is useful to do any resource releasing/ connection closing after exception handling