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  • Manual tester

    Hi I am planning to start a career as a manual tester ,is taking a course compulsory or can I get the subject by referring through information on internet?,Does manual testers use any tools in real time ?

  • Seviority and priority

    Hi guys,Check below form.Ename: Text boxEno: Text boxDesignation: drop downAddress: text fieldSalary (total):Text field (numeric)Basic: Text field (numeric)HRA: Text field (numeric)Bonus: Text field (numeric)Save: button Cancel: buttonNow my question is I need 2 examples for below question.List 1. High severity and High priority bugsList 2. High severity and low priority bugsList 3. Low severity and...


    • Jun 29th, 2012

    Severity refers to the impact of bug on the software or any major functionality, whereas priority refers to the urgency in addressing the bug whether it has to be addressed immediately (high priority) or can be looked in later (low priority).


    • Feb 10th, 2012

    Severity is the impact of the issue on the use of the system.
    Priority is the urgency of getting the issue resolved.