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  • Usage of copy statement in Cobol

    Hi, Can any one tell how to use copybook in COBOL, and please explain with file structure(means i am using 5 fields of file and i want to declare them in copybook and and i want use it in COBOL programming)

  • JCL and JES

    1.What is the difference between JCL and JES.? 2.What is the difference between VSAM and DB2?

  • -811 abend

    when will occur -811 abend? how will u resolve the -811 abend?


    • Nov 12th, 2011

    If the need is to get any of the row qualified for the predicates given , you can use "Fetch First 1 Row Only" with your select query.


    If you are interested all the data qualified for the query , there is no option except the use of Cursors.

  • JCL parm parameter

    i am passing data from jcl using parm to COBOL-db2 program, where can u retrieve the passing data in COBOL-db2 program and where it stored?

    Gunesh Asatkar

    • Feb 13th, 2013

    The parm parameter is used to passed data from jcl to cobol program.
    The max 100 character we can sent by parm parameter including special character.
    And value get by code s9(4)comp var in linkage section

  • SOC7 Abend

    how can u resolve soc7 abend? how do you know the cause for soc7 abend? how do you findout. where soc7 abend occurs?


    • Sep 7th, 2017

    Soc7 abend occurs due to invalid or nonnumeric data entered in numeric field.


    • Feb 27th, 2016

    SOC7 abend typically happens due to data type mismatch such as numeric data in an alpha field. Way to fix is to validate the data before the move and move it to the appropriate data type variable.

  • COBOL File Handling

    how do you read a file in reverse order through COBOL program?


    • Jun 28th, 2017

    Add a seq number to file thru JCL (1:seqnum,3,zd) and sort the file in descending order sortfields=copy, include cond=(1,3,zd,d) after this provide the file in Cobol as input.

    Gyanendra Singh

    • Jul 7th, 2016

    Can be done in VSAM : by using Low and HIGH-VALUE
    If you pass HIGH-VALUE to the key field, then it will read the record from bottom

  • PS and PDS

    What is the difference between PS and PDS ? If a PS file is almost equal to member of a PDS. Then what is the neccerasy to use a PS file.?

    sai prasad

    • Dec 17th, 2015

    PS a. Directory blocks=0 b. It is a file ...


    • Jan 13th, 2015

    PS means File
    PDS means Folder