Answered Questions

  • Two Phase Induction Motors

    Why 2-phase induction motors are NOT used in industries even though they have rotating magnetic field.

    abhinav Kumar

    • Sep 6th, 2015

    Two phase motor essentially use in domestic use like water pump set ... It gives high torque and low efficiency. The phase diff 180 or 90 make the two phases with the help of capacitor.


    • Mar 11th, 2012

    2 Phase motors have low efficiency and low power factor. There are higher chances of stalling.

    MOST IMPORTANT: 2 phase load will create imbalance in the power system and high current and bulky too. Why should we use it when we have more efficient 3 phase induction motors

  • Change in Frequency

    Why do we maintain 50hz frequency? What happens when we change this frequency to any other value?