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Why do we maintain 50hz frequency? What happens when we change this frequency to any other value?

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  • Jan 8th, 2010

If the question is for changing the frequency of Power supply to Induction Motors, then, it will lead to (1) Increased Iron losses (2) run at a differenct speed close to its new synchronous speed (120F/P), (3) lead to reduction in Torque capacity.

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It has been set as standard 50Hz for india and 60Hz at many other places. Either you believe this or not but FREQUENCY IS NEVER CONSTANT. It keeps on changing with load at the generation unit. As the load increases freq decreases, this is only because of the change in torque angle due to change in load, to fulfill the requirement of the load we provide more input and hence freq. changes normal to 50Hz. this constant frequency is useful for parallal operation of generators such as in power grids. Any change in freq. of two units will cause harmonics and heavy transients which may cause critical damage! To avoid this all the power generation units or power plants are synchronized with each other having const freq 50 Hz. if any power plant looses its synchronism it is notified immediately or it will be disconnected from every other unit!! to avoid losses!

In our India, all the electrical power generation is based on 50 Hz. (50 cycles per second) with respect to the production of flux in alternator. So the electrical utility products are designed for 50 Hz in our india.

The frequency variation may be occur in generation side only not on load side.

If the frequency can vary from 50 Hz means, the AC waves should be change and it tends to malfunction / damage for utilities.

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  • Jul 5th, 2010

AC Electrical Network need to have a syncron phase for them to work. Any differences in term of frequency will shift out this syncronisation and lead the whole system to fail.

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