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    Why do we use properties rather than public members?

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    • Member Since Oct-2009 | Oct 9th, 2009

    To the user of an object, property and public member may not make much difference with respect to syntax. However, property provides the ability to combine both field and method via the get and set accessors.

    MS Help for C# presents the best answer for using properties:

    Properties have many uses: they can validate data before allowing a change; they can transparently expose data on a class where that data is actually retrieved from some other source, such as a database; they can take an action when data is changed, such as raising an event, or changing the value of other fields.



    • Apr 1st, 2010

    With Properties, we can implement validation.For example, if we have customer age and we want to add validation on  the age, we can do it with properties.Another benefits of properties is that we can protect a field in a class by reading and writing it through the properties.


    • Mar 7th, 2010

    Private data fields of class should not be exposed by making them public. Instead they can made visible using public properties in more controlled manner. Also we can make properties read only or read/write.

  • AutoPostBack Property

    There is Cancel button and OK button on page. When we click Cancel button it skips all validation controls and goes to next page.(a)Page AutoPostback of Cancel is True.(b)Page AutoPostback of Cancel is False.(c)Page AutoPostback of OK is True.(d)Page AutoPostback of OK is False.Which option is correct?

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    A button control does not have AutoPostBack property it has click event. so once you click on cancel and if its CausesValidation Property is false it will skips all validations, and if it is true it will validate the controls on the page.

    AutoPostBack property is for say DropDown,textbox etc... whnever you change/enter value/keyed some caharcter in textbox or change your selection in drop down postback will happen if that control's is AutoPostBack property is true, depending on that postback you can fill values or set some values for other controls or you can do some validation against enterd or selcted values.

    e.g. say tehre are 2 drop down. DropDown1 and DropDown2
    DropDown2 is currently holding states of US country as in DropDown1 you have selcted US. Now you want to fill DropDown2 with state value of India.
    Now if
    DropDown1.AutopostBack = True;

    and you change DropDown1's value from Us to India. 
    Page will post back to server and you can fill DropDown2 with Indian States.