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  • Transformation to Load 5 Flat files

    What is the method of loading 5 flat files of having same structure to a single target and which transformations will you use?

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    Guys I have got the answer for which I you go

    This can be handled by using the file list in informatica. If we have 5 files in different locations on the server and we need to load in to single target table. In session properties we need to change the file type as Indirect.
    (Direct if the source file contains the source data. Choose Indirect if the source file contains a list of files.
    When you select Indirect, the PowerCenter Server finds the file list then reads each listed file when it executes the session.)
    am taking a notepad and giving following paths and file
    names in this notepad and saving this notepad as
    emp_source.txt in the directory /ftp_data/webrep/


    In session properties i give /ftp_data/webrep/ in the
    directory path and file name as emp_source.txt and file type as Indirect.


    • Nov 27th, 2017

    You should use a indirect file (which contain path and name of all the 5 files) as source. Transformation depends on the business logic.

    Ashok Gulagond

    • Dec 16th, 2016

    When we have the same structured flat files, why don't simply use UNION make them a single file and then load to target instead of such complication? or UNION doesn't work on flat files?

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