Maximum Number of Records Per Page

What is the Maximum Number of Records Per Page Using XML Publisher With RTF Template?

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shaik mazhar

  • Jun 2nd, 2016

Hi Priyanka,

In XML publisher reports, most commonly there will be scenarios where customer asks us to print the report records in a pre-printed paper, which is having a logo on the header and below that we need to print our report records.

In this case developers generally declare a XSL variabe to print no of lines per page , this can be like below


  2. <XSL:variable name="lines_per_page" select="number(40)">

the above statement in rtf template says the to print only 40 lines per page.

Now here there is again a problem, if the report run for only 5 records and if there is a fixed logo at the bottom of the page ??

In this case we will go for sub template concept, where we will fill the space with blank rows to cover the space.

Thanks ,
Shaik Mazhar

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  • Aug 1st, 2017

Based on your limitation in the output you can access no. of records. while defining variable you have to set how many records you need to retrieve for page. We can use the code to generate maximum records in the page for example if we can take 50 records per page by defining a variable in RTF

  1. Define a variable IN RTF : xsl:variable name="REC" SELECT="number(50)"/>

  2. AND USE : <?for-each:$G_INVOICE_line?><?IF:(position()1) modREC=0?> <xsl:variable name="start" xdofo:ctx="incontext" SELECT="position()"/>

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