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Please give me some idea about how to write test cases on privacy settings and how to test that?? EX: If I have to test Facebook post being seen only by friends not by everyone so how should i go about it,should I create 2 facebook accounts to check the posts privacy?? .Thanks.

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  • Jan 3rd, 2015

yaa i think tot test this you have to created 3 accounts

1-for the person posting status
2-person who is friend with the status updating person
3-who is not friend with them

and check the information to be visible for respective scenario..

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Syed Rahman

  • Jan 14th, 2015

As per above mention scenarios for privacy settings the test cases is follows:
You have to create only 1 account. (If you have knowledge of this social networking site (facebook)).
1. Write you Post or Status on your face book profile i.e "Good Morning to everyone".
2. Before clicking on publish button. Click on the privacy button which is on the right side of the status box, choose the option which is provide i.e (share my status with my friends) after selecting click on publish.
3. click on your profile Name.
4. click on "View my profile as" there you will have 3 to 4 options like
a) View by me. b) view as friend c) view as friend of friend d) view as public.
By selecting on the above option you can check your status who can view (See).

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