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I want to know right enrtry of this question
DEBTORS 10000/-

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  • Feb 28th, 2015

Debtors a/c Dr.   10000/-
   To cash                             4000/-
   To discount allowed       1000/-
   To bad debts                    5000/-

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  • Mar 22nd, 2015

A/R accnt Dr
10k Sales accnt Cr 10k then bank accnt Dr 4k discount allowed Dr 1k, bad debts Dr 5k, To A/R accnt Cr 10k

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satyanarayana Raju

  • Jun 13th, 2015

Bank/Cash A/c Dr 4000
Discount A/C Dr 1000
Bad debt A/c Dr 5000
To Debtor A/c 10000

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abhay kulkarni

  • Aug 2nd, 2015

Cash/bank a/c dr 4000
Bad debts a/c dr 5000
to debtors a/c 9000
(Being cash received from debtors Rs.4000, Rs. 1000 being trade discount and balance Rs.5000 is assumed as bad debts).

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suma s prasad

  • Aug 3rd, 2015

Bank a/c Dr 4000
Discount allowed a/c Dr 1000
Bad debt a/c Dr 5000
To Debtors a/c 10000

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  • Nov 1st, 2015

Step by Step Entry to Understand
1)You provide a discount
*A/R Dr. 9000
Sales Discount Dr. 1000
Cash/Bank Cr. 10000
2)Received an Amount of 4000
*Cash/Bank Dr. 4000
A/R Cr. 4000
3)Now Create a Bad Debt Entry because person didnt receive his full amount
*Bad debt Exp Dr. 5000
Provision for Bad Debt Cr. 5000
Hope you understand :)


  • May 27th, 2016

For time save we can pass compound entry like...
Cash a/c............dr ( comes in )
Discount allowed ( expenses nominal a/c ) a/c .....dr
Bad Debts a/c ( Expenses nominal a/c )......dr
To Sundry Debtors a/c.

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Amaed Ahmed

  • Dec 3rd, 2016

(1) in Payment Voucher
Cash / Bank A/c ............ Dr Rs. 4000/-
Discount Allowed A/c ..... Dr Rs 1000/-
To, Debtor A/c ..............Cr Rs 5000/-
(2) In Journal Voucher
Bad Debts A/c DR .......... Rs 5000/-
To, Debtor A/c Cr ........... Rs 5000/-

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  • Jul 24th, 2017

DR - Discount allowed 1000 + Cash/Bank 4000 + Bad Debt Expense 5000
CR - Accounts Receivables 10000

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