How to remove the null values in flat file ?

Import flat file from the source (with nulls) it should display without null values in the target

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  • Jul 13th, 2014

By default Informatica display * as Null.

You should change the file properties at session level to select a value to display instead of showing *(null).

It can be replaced with space so that if we have spaces populated instead of NULL.

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  • Jul 14th, 2014

I guess you can handle this situation inside Expression T/R and pass non NULL rows.

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  • Jul 16th, 2014

Can we use condition like "not isnull(column name)" in filter transformation and make downstream connection

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after importing the flatfile, after the source qualifier use an expresssion transformation. In expression transformation use the condition IIF(column=NULL,0,Column)

(you can use either 0 or any other value u like..)

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  • Nov 10th, 2014

We can use validate record component with is_null() function.

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