Impact in books at the time of merger

Problem statement-
• There are 2 Regions in a country REGION X & REGION- Y
• REGION X is closed and GL Trial Balance (TB) is transferred to REGION Y books ( X-TB is uploaded in Y books like a journal we do normally)- No Sub Ledger (SL) level transfer was done
• There was 1 invoices lying AP SL in X books ( xx722002 )- for 1000 GBP
• When TB was uploaded in Y books xx722002 was automatically credited by 1000 GBP in Y books
Questiion 1- in this scenario are we going to have a mismatch in AP-SL of Y books if yes then how to correct the same.
Question-2- can we transfer the SL of X to Y without impacting the P&L & B/S ( creditors account)??

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ganesh mane

  • Nov 27th, 2013

x A/C Dr .......
TO Y A/C Cr......

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