What are the daily routines of an informatica developer?

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  • Oct 23rd, 2013

The daily routines of the developer in support role:
1)Do lights on activity,i.e. check if the informatica services are running,any session failed or not,if a file failed then how many records loaded and how many not loaded yet and figure out how to load rest,also find out the reason for session failure.

2)Develop informatica mappings and workflows for new change requests.
3)Optimise the current mappings and workflows
4)Ensure daily repository backup is taken
5)Follow SLA

In development role:

1)Develop mappings and workflows as per provided requirements.
2)Create high level and low level docs for the mappings created.
3)Test those mappings and prepare test cases,also ask for peer review and create doc for same.
4)Send daily updates to customer.

Dhiraj Chachane

  • Sep 28th, 2017

Hi anybody Can you let me know about how to load flat files to target without mappings?

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