In real time projects where we use triggers, give me an example.

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  • May 20th, 2013

We use trigger when we want some event should happen automatically on certain desirable scenario.

Lets take an example.
You have a table which changes frequently,now you want to know how many times and when did these changes take place.
in that case you can create a trigger which will insert desired data in any other table whenever any changes in your main table occur.

We need to use triggers whenever we wish to perform an automatic operation on a DML query.

In our organization we have Unix and OpenVMS servers. Due to some reason, Unix server is used to send and receive data whereas openVMS has code which implement business functionality.

Whenever, we receive ACK on data send from on Unix server, we update the status column in the required table. We have created triggers on the table, which will update further tables and run the OpenVMS job to do further business processing.

Hope this helps!

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