How to search a particular string and write/add some new text in that position in a word file?

Suppose, I have two word files, and from 1st file, I need to take a string and search in 2nd word file and where it will found the searched string, just add some new text with the previous data in the 2nd word file. Please answer.
Thx in Advance.

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  • Jun 24th, 2014

  1. Set fso=CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")

  2. Set f1=fso.OpenTextFile("E:Testingword1.txt",1)

  3. While not f1.AtEndOfLine

  4.         rd1line=f1.ReadLine

  5.         If instr(1,rd1line,"i am string")=1 Then

  6.                 Set f2=fso.OpenTextFile("E:Testingword2.txt",1)

  7.                 While not f2.AtEndOfStream

  8.                         rd2line=f2.ReadLine

  9.                         If instr(1,rd2line,"i am string")=1 Then

  10.                         Set f3=fso.OpenTextFile("E:Testingword2.txt",8)

  11.                                 f3.Write("Sucessfull")

  12.                         End If

  13.                 Wend


  15.         End If

  16. Wend

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