To only use USER ID while logging into WAS/Weblogic Admin console

If an administrator, after installing websphere/weblogic GUI and working on it for a while has completely forgotten his password and would like to log in to the admin console only using his USER ID. please explain how to go about it and what & where should the changes be done.

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  • Jul 6th, 2012

There could be different scenarios in this situation.
1. If the global security is configured with LDAP, then its good to reset the password with the help of LDAP server admin.

2. If the user registry is set to the "customized registry" then, first disable the security in security.xml file, then make changes in the customized registry file and revert the changes

3. If you are using local OS registry , then you can reset your password there and check login in console.

If at all you are not happy with above scenarios, then its better to Disable the security for the time being and check.This can be achieved by setting " enabled=false"in cell level security.xml

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In this scenario, we can user 2 methods.

1. In cell level security.xml file change the 2nd line and "enable=true" change the true parameter as "enabled=false" the restart your Dmgr and login. It will no ask for password.

2. Through WSadmin , we are having an option SECURITY OFF

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  • Mar 2nd, 2013

He can go to security.xml file and disable the security. He can save the file and log in to admin console without user ID and password

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