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What are the precautions taken by an interviewee when interviewer asked the Question tell me about you?

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  • Jan 28th, 2013

So tell me about yourself.. Most frequent and common Question to all of us..

Best way is to answer such kind of Question is just make sure what the interviewer want to hear..

Say him/her. as per the scope of answer of this Q. I can be able to tell to each and every details of my hardwork since last 21 / 22 year (your age). Still it would be great if you give me direction so i can explain a bit on that.

If he ask you for career, then just give a brief into about your career and what was your purpose and bear in mind that your purpose should meet his current requirement so show him that you are the best candidate he can find in your each and every sentence!

Have a good luck.

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