Abstract class - can we create pointer to abstract class?

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supreet singh

  • Mar 25th, 2012

Yes we can create a pointer to an abstract class, which could be actually pointing to the objects of its derived classes. In this way, a container of base class pointers can be created which can also store derived class objects. Thus dynamic binding will take place for the virtual methods and class specific methods will be called.



  2. class Base

  3. {

  4. public:

  5.   virtual void method1();

  6. }


  8. class Derived:public Base

  9. {

  10.   void method1()

  11.    {

  12.      cout<<"in derived 1"<<endl;

  13.    }

  14. }


  16. class Derived2:public Base

  17. {

  18.   void method1()

  19. {

  20.   cout<<"in derived 2"<<endl;


  22. }

  23. }

  24. vector<Base *> v;

  25. v.add(new Derived1());

  26. v.add(new Derived2());


  28. v[0]->method1();

  29. v[1]->method1();


output will be:

in derived 1
in derived 2

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  • Apr 23rd, 2015

Of course,using polymorphism concept.

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  • Sep 27th, 2016

No you can make a pointer to an instance of a concrete class that derives from the abstract class, but you cant have a pointer to a class itself unless you mean some sort of metaprogramming type logic.

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Sushant Narayan

  • Sep 7th, 2017

Yes, we can create pointer to abstract class.

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