What is the role of a mechanical engineer in the Software Industry?

Are you a mechanical engineering graduate looking for a job? Then like many others, you must be wondering how your profession will flourish today where computers, electronic products, and the Internet have become widely used.

Mechanical engineering is perhaps one of the oldest disciplines in the field of engineering. In the past, mechanical engineers worked mainly in construction, aviation, industrial production, and other industries that cater to the development and use of tools, machines, and equipment. Today, however, things have changed dramatically and mechanical engineers have already become indispensable in the software industry, too. Yes, you read that right. You, as a mechanical engineer, are still very much in-demand today.

As a mechanical engineer, you do not have to worry that your job is becoming obsolete. Quite the contrary, mechanical engineers are still very much in-demand nowadays especially since the profession has already evolved, with majority of educational institutions already offering computer-aided design (CAD), design engineering, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and drafting as part of their coursework for mechanical engineering programs.

Software-Related Functions of Mechanical Engineers

Below are some of the main functions of mechanical engineers nowadays:

  • Research and assess design proposals and specifications.
  • Develop and test design models with the use of software programs to assess feasibility.
  • Investigate the cause of equipment and system failures, and provide feedback to drafters and design engineers.
  • Read and interpret technical illustrations, blueprints, and computer-generated reports.
  • Develop structural designs for products with the use of CAD and other drafting software programs.
  • Recommend design modifications to ensure there will be no malfunctions in the system or in the machine.

If you may have noticed, the scope of work of a mechanical engineer involves the use of computer aided engineering tools, especially in industrialized countries. Without such tools, it would be difficult for these professionals to create designs, perform analysis, and utilize designing interfaces.

Sub-disciplines for Mechanical Engineering

The field of mechanical engineering also includes sub-disciplines that make them vital in the software industry, and these are:

  • Mechatronics: A branch of mechanical engineering that aims to develop hybrid systems.
  • Robotics: Another branch of mechanical engineering that aims to develop robots designed to perform various applications and functions.
  • Design and Drafting: An interdisciplinary branch of mechanical engineering and software engineering for the purpose of creating and designing products to be used in manufacturing equipment and machine parts.

Contrary to what most people think, mechanical engineers continue to shine in this modern era. In 2009, there were almost 2,000,000 mechanical engineers employed in the United States alone, with a median annual income of $74,900. If you are a mechanical engineer, make sure to keep your skills and knowledge up to date so that you will not have any problems landing a well-paying job.

I have added few of the unedited mechanical engineer user questions asking about the role in software industry.

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I m mechanical engineer I want to know in which field I earn more money which is related to mechanical.



I have completed my b.tech in mechanical engineering in 2011 but now I want to know what type of company I will that give me satisfaction with good salary



I have completed Mechanical Engineering 2011. So I would like to start my career in UT sector. So I preferred Software Testing. So which side I want to concentrate to get the job..?



I am doing my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering , I would like to do my master degree in product design so can you suggest some university for me? and also doing pg in IIT as well as MBA in IIM is good r not? and justify your option thank you



Helo mam, this is Debashish kundu and currently I am pursuing my mechanical engineering.Right now I am in Final year of my graduation. I want to ask about my career opportunities after my graduation. Actually I have already planned to do MBA in future. But right now I need to get some work experience so that it helps me in the future. I am interested to go in the core sector or may be financial sector. Please give me your suggestions so that I can decide the right path for my future.

Thank you.


  • May 5th, 2013

hello madam,i am doing final year in mechanical branch i would like to know that after completing of betch which feild gives more salary and i can go in software also are else any software company giving offers to us.pls give me important advise to me.

jitendra singh

  • Jun 5th, 2014

I m mechanical engineer ,currently i am doing study in Bangalore.I want to know in which field I earn more money which is related to mechanical.
what to do for software company.


  • Jun 29th, 2014

dear mam,

Currently i am working in design industry related to mechanical but my core interest was to get into software field
but due to some problems i could not get IT branches in engg so i ended up in doing Automobile Engg but still iam
interested in software jobs please suggest me anything


  • Jan 1st, 2015

I have finished my u.g in mechanical engineering,i would like to shine in construction field because of my higher interest,is it a right decision,can i survive in this field for my whole life,please give a right advice and idea,thank you mam

karanjeet singh

  • Jul 7th, 2015

I am 3rd year mechanical engg. student I had done autocad software and know I am going for creo software I want to know is this okay what I m doing or I have do some more software and if then what? I also want to know what actually is production engg. means?

Md Akbar Ali

  • Nov 25th, 2015

I have done B.Tech in mechanical but I want to do job in IT based on Development. I know C language SQL and Java So! Can I joined in IT and what is the expectation to get job.


  • Mar 8th, 2016

My question to you how I can get into software industry where mechanical software are developed. I want to make career in software industry being a experienced mechanical engineer. What courses I can prefer to get into as mechanical software developer and how can I fulfill the requirements?


  • Jan 4th, 2017

Hi Madam,
I am completed B.Tech Mechanical Engineering I am interested in automobile side. then please give me suggestions for the future use of mechanical field


  • Feb 1st, 2017

I am mechanical engineer passed out at 2016 but now days it will be very difficult for my core jobs and growing more consultancy and without reference we will not get the good job but here my question is what I do for my career job and have any idea about it field for mechanical.

Madhav Kumar

  • Feb 27th, 2017

My name is Madhav Kumar Yadav, I have done B.E in Mechanical 2010, but still did not get settled in life. I have experience in construction field in project-COKE OVEN and CDCP Boiler and also got experience in CRM steel and manufacturing company. I need your help and tell me which course is suitable for me, who can provide me good income as well as stability in Life. That's all.

Akshay Sorte

  • Mar 28th, 2017

Hi guys I have query I am a mechanical engineer and I want to search job in Bangaluru I want to ask is their any eligibility criteria in doing while searching job in Bangaluru that only CS engineers can apply is it so please let me know thank you

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