How to control escalations from customer?

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This is one of the difficult task that any one faces. Here are few things that you can consider .

Work closely with customer when there is an issue .
follow up email or calls until you fix the issue
after the issue is resolved , follow up with customer to make sure things are okay
have communication with customer time to time with any business changes or system changes that will impact the customer, keep them in loop , that will help the customer to understand when issue arises .

There are more you can do to avoid escalations, but the above list will help .


Prashant Rajpurohit

  • Sep 25th, 2012

well it depends more on your customer handling skills and use sympathy words and sentences wherever necessary . As it reduces the frustration of customer , Also use this sentence " i totally understand your concern , and if i would have been in your place then i would have felt the same , but ........................" then explain him the technical prospects .

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  • Apr 15th, 2014

Well first you listen very well to the customers complain don't talk while the customer is still talking and always use sympathy statements like " I know how it feels and I'm more than willing to help you resolve your problems"

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