How many workflows will use to load history data and daily data?

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Ashwini Shetty

  • Sep 18th, 2011

one work flow.....

Sreedhar Lokaray

  • Nov 22nd, 2011

Could you please detail the question?

Loading history is nothing to do with number of workflows. Might be you got confused between initial load and incremental load. A single workflow can be used for an initial load and then as an incremental.

History data can be loaded Daily or Monthly or weekly using a single workflow by comparing the history data in Target with the incoming data from the source.

Generally while loading History data we either truncate the target and reload the data from source or compare the Source data against Target data and do insert/update the Target (also called as Change Data Capture CDC).

We do truncate and reload the target only when we receive full refresh of data or snap shop from the source.

We do CDC when we receive incremental data (i.e., new or updated data) from the source.

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