What do you think about our company?

Most employers do give good impressions to job applicants who take the initiative to study and conduct intelligent research on their company profile and background. If you will be asked this question in your interview, be aware that they want to measure your level of interest toward the company you plan to be a part of. Well, interviewers do not really expect every job applicant to study the company facts in detail, but having an overview of the company information, its products and services, and the nature of the industry is not bad at all.

Before coming to the interview, you should be able to conduct your research about the company you wish to work for. Check the company website or ask ideas from a few friends. With just about enough basic company information, you now have a weapon to use in case the interviewer throws this question to you. On the other hand, if you have not prepared enough, you are sure to leave yourself stammering in your response.

Build a Good Impression

The question may seem a little tricky as it can be initially understood as providing a brief description of the company. However, it seeks to ask what you think about the company, not what the company is about. If this is how the interviewer structures the question, it means one thing: they expect you to already have an idea about the nature of the business.

The way to answer the question is to initially build a positive impression about the company. The employer dwells in positive feedback about the company, so concur to that affirmation. Use affirmative and powerfully effective words as a way of describing your idea towards the company. Avoid the use of vague phrases such as ?I think?, ?I guess?, and ?Probably? as these connote uncertainty and lack of conviction of your idea.

Mention a Few Company Details

Heighten the impression by showcasing the things that you learn and know about the company. Mention details such as the kind of industry the company belongs to, the products and services it is promoting, and how long it has been in operation. If the company you are applying for has established its name well in the industry and has a reputable image, you can also highlight that fact.

Show Your Interest to Be a Part of It

After having given your opinion about the company and providing a few details to show that you are really interested to join the organization, wrap up your response by verbalizing your show of interest. This simply means putting into words your desire to be a part of the company in a reasonable manner.

Do this with the use of well-chosen affirmative words. An example could be ?That is why I decided to take my chances in your company because I want to be a part of your success.? Statements like this may sound a little too swaggering but ending your answer this way can leave a good impression from your interviewer.

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  • Dec 4th, 2013

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