How do you test a web application on a mobile device?

Can some one explain in detail how to test a web applications(for example magazines like instyle etc) on mobile devices like i pod,Android etc. Is this different from testing on different browsers and operating systems on computer?

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  • Jul 23rd, 2015

Testing happens based on Mobile view requirements. There might be slight difference between Mobile view and Desktop view of Web application which you test. When you test a web application in Mobile device it is more challenging to test as it has to fit everything in a small screen size of device. So issues/Bugs can be found more while testing in Devices. It again depends.

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  • Aug 25th, 2015

When testing a web-based application from a desktop environment you typically have to do a lot of configuration testing, meaning you test the web app using different browsers in different versions on different operating systems. Developers are quite well used to this set up and there are a number of tools and rules of thumb to help. When it comes to testing the web app using mobile devices, the ground is not as well trodden. While testing a web application on mobile device we have to check screen resolution,versions depending upon the platforms (iOS, Android , windows etc) and different devices like for example: Android Phone, Android tablet and Android Note.

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