How to identify the similarity of the production build and the tested build?

I am working with mobile applications as a tester. I want to know how to identify the similarity of the production build and the tested build. Is there any unique numbers to identify this. Please help me in this.

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Usha Mannem

  • Sep 23rd, 2014

That depends on the name convention they adopt.. few just use PR for production and some other notation for test build. The Ideal difference will be that we can have root access to test builds .. where as no access to Production builds.

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  • Sep 10th, 2015

The kind of testing I am doing, I have access to both- the production build (that goes LIVE to the end users) and the test build (specifically available to us for testing, finding and logging bugs and then releasing it to the client). The high priority bugs that we find in test build and that may impact a big lot of end users are worked upon and fixed by the developers before they release the production build.
In case those bugs are not fixed, they cancel the production build.
So, this is a kind of inter-relation between them.

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vijaykumar chourasiya

  • Jul 26th, 2016

As per my company process testing build is identified by odd number build and Production build is identify by Even Build number.

2) If you are login with mobile number then validation code same for every tester but in production its different.

3) In Production all rights reserved parameter is coming.

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