Header details and trailer validation for multi file

My requirement
header contains - business date
details contains - reccords
trailler contains - total no of records in detail.
1) header , detail , trailer separation with indicator filed ( conditional dml with indicator field )
2)Comparing header with business date , if not match fail. ( using lookup with date function)
3)comparing the record count of the details record with trailer if not match fail the graph.( please tell me this point)
input file -> reformat ( count 3) -> ....(can you plz fill this with examples )

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  • Aug 25th, 2011

Follow the steps:-
1) Define a param in graph and store the record count of the mutifile in it.
2) Create your graph like this.

file --> Filter having next_in_sequence() == 1 --> Gather --> dedup{} with keep first --> Out of tihs will be header.
file --> Filter having next_in_sequence() == 1 and to its deselect --> Gather --> dedup{} with keep lst--> Out of tihs will be trailer.

No you have separate out the header and trailer. You can now play with it anyway.

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Rushieksh Deshapnde

  • Aug 30th, 2011

in Reformat have output index separate header,trailer and data based on it in transform 0 write xfr for matching business date using lookup expression for that use

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  • Oct 9th, 2012

input dataset---->dedup sort------> output file

In dedup sort component next_in_sequence > 1 then keep parameter make it as last. output port getting the trailer record, dedup port getting the detail records (if header, detail and trailer are in sequence)

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