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1. What are testing methodologies?
2. What are testing technics?
3. What are testing types?
4. What are testing levels?
5. How u calculate productivity of testing team?
6. Testing Approach?
7. What is testing starategy?

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  • Oct 17th, 2011

My answers for newbies..

1. What are testing methodologies?
There is nothing like separate "testing methodologies" as testing is a part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). So whatever SDLC methodologies exit in our IT universe, all of them apply to testing as well. To name a few, V-model, Waterfall, Agile, Iterative. 'Waterfall' Mother of all methodologies and rest of the methodologies were created to overcome the shortcomings of Waterfall.

For detailed information on each methodology, see:

2. What are testing techniques?
Please use correct spelling. It irks me how many times I have see SMS short forms and spelling mistakes on this site. We are all adults who have studies in best of the best schools. Please start using correct grammar and spellings.

This is more of a theoretical question. The techniques have evolved over the decades. Component based testing is used mostly and co-denpendant on the SLDC methodology. Prior to Component based testing, UML based testing was in use. Testing each component - features/modules/pages - is what called 'component-based testing.
For example, you are asked to test a casual browsing site like You would start off by testing page-by-page or channel-by-channel. Channels: sports, finance, lifestyle, cooking, etc. Pages: home page, search page etc.

3. What are testing types?
- Functional testing
- Exploratory testing
- Ad hoc testing
- Regression
- Performance testing
- Load
- UI testing
et all

4. What are testing levels?
- Unit Testing (In most organizations, unit testing is performed by devs. If there is a QA developer or QA Engineer, he/she may also be responsible for unit testing)
- Integration testing
-System testing
- Acceptance testing (User Acceptance Testing - UAT)

5. How u calculate productivity of testing team?
Test Case Creation or Execution Productivity = (No. of Correct Test Cases Created or Executed) / (Total Effort in Person-hours in creation or execution)

I would take also into account the time taken to create test cases; review test cases with BA and rest of the QA team

6. Testing Approach?
Test approach is the implementation of the test strategy that QA team documented in the test plan. Please see the next question for 'Test Strategy' definition. QA team may decide to carry out either black-box testing only, or a combination of white & black box testing.
Test Approach: "how" the the testing should be done. Meaning what type of testing should be done to to best suit the test levels and application requirements.

7. What is testing strategy?
As mentioned in the above answer, test strategy outlines the testing portion in a test plan.
In simple terms test strategy is: "what" level of testing should be done to confirm that the application adheres to the requirements and quality gates set by the client/ company.
Test summary, requirements traceability matrix, QA team roles and responsibilities, testing levels, testing tools, environment requirements, risks & mitigation, schedule (by what date what should be completed), test status reporting structure, test case priorities, regression testing, and test case execution maintenance. All or some of the listed items may be included as part of test strategy depending on the project type, its dynamics among other factors.

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  • Mar 5th, 2013

2) Testing Techniques: Black Box testing, Gray box testing, yellow box testing, Review techniques, White box, these all are testing techniques.

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Baisakhi Saha

  • Aug 15th, 2013

Methodologies: Static and Dynamic

Techniques: White box, black box, grey box

Testing types: System testing, sys integration testing, UAT,

Regression testing Levels: High level (UAT, SIT), Low level (Unit testing)

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