Interview for Jr Quality Assurance Analyst. to use roll back and roll forward testing in real scenario??
2. How will we wright a traceability matrix , lets say for an Insurance Administration System?
3. How far a Junior Quality Assurance person uses Quality Center tool in real work place?
pls any one answer the questions for a live project, and not theoretically.
It will be a very great help from you.


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  • Aug 25th, 2011

1.) Roll back testing is done to see if the old code (after the new code is tested and un-installed) works as expected. Not heard of roll forward testing - probably opposite to the above statement.

2.) Requirement traceability matrix contains many to many relationship between the requirements of a project and the test cases created based on these requirements. This gives the tester and the management about the coverage of the test cases - whether it covers all the requirements. This also unreveals missed requirements.

3.) Junior QA uses QC at the greatest extent, mostly in writing test cases, managing results, test lab management, creating defects, assigning defects, tracking defects, linking defects to test cases etc.

Hope this helps.

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