Defect Not Related to TestCase

When you find a defect which is not related to your testcase then what will you do?

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  • Mar 16th, 2011

When we find a defect which is not related to Test Case, we will prepare the Test Case and raise the bug..... Bcoz the bug in the Bug Report has to trace the Test Case.

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  • Nov 2nd, 2011


So, according to you if I find a spelling mistake in some content, I should be creating a test case and then log it as a bug? um.. you have do to some serious learning and home work before you post your answers. If a bug was a result of running a test scenario that was not covered, then you may have to cover the scenario in a test case, but that doesn't apply to ALL bugs/defects. The scenario needs to be a valid user scenario (something user might do while using the tool) and it was NOT covered in any of the test cases, that's when you write a test case to cover it.

Now answer to your question..

You just log a bug and attach screenshots. In case you cannot attach screenshots, you can attach videos as some bug tracking tools do allow video attachments.

As I mentioned above, if the bug is a result of running a valid scenario that wasn't covered in any of the test cases, then you...
1. Log the bug in defect/bug tracking tool
2. Email QA tam including QA manager and QA lead informing them of the scenario and explain why you think it is a valid scenario
3. If QA manager or lead, whoever you report to, agrees with you then you create a test case to cover the scenario.


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