Automation Testing Process

What is Automation Testing Process? What are the main steps invloved in it?

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Automation testing is a process which helps in setting of test preconditions,to control execution of testa, comparison of actual and predicted outcome and other test reporting functions.

Steps in automation testing:
1.Planning-Create high level test plan.
2.Analysis-Create detailed test plan, Functional Validation Matrix, test cases.
3.Design-Revise the test cases and select which test cases to automate.
4.Testing cycles
5.Final testing
6.Post implementation.

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Automation Testing Process saves lots of time and rework. It is opted when there is repetitive work and is also used in case of regression testing.
For Automation Testing Process, scripts are written which are run in-order to run the testing process.

Steps Involved are:

- Proper analysis of the application by mastering the application by manually using it
- Planning and designing the approach to write proper scripts
- Writing re-usable scripts
- Run the script
- De-bug the script if required
- Re-run the script

Examples of some automation testing tools are QTP,Selenium, etc.

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Dheeraj Shandilya

  • May 21st, 2012

Automation testing is done to save a lot of rework as well as a lot of time. But it can be applied to stable system only. In general Automation testing involves six step :

1.) Decision to automate testing.
2.) Test tool acquisition.
3.) Automated testing introduction process.
4.) Test Planning, Design and Development.
5.) Execution and management of tests.
6.) Test Program review and assessment.


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