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Find the age of Seventh Person

6 Persons standing in queue with different age group, after two years their average age will be 43 and seventh person joined with them. Hence the current average age has become 45. Find the age of seventh person?
a) 43
b) 69
c) 52
d) 31.
Asked by: adityak | Member Since Nov-2010 | Asked on: Dec 6th, 2010

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Thamizh Mani

Answered On : Dec 26th, 2010

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Let x= Total age of 6 people. x/6=43x=258   y= age of 7th man. (x+y)/7 =45; substitue x in this eqn. then y=57

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Answered On : Jan 3rd, 2011

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19 yrs.Present avg age of 6 persons is 45,After 2 yrs the avg age of 6 persons will be 47.To make it 43 subtract 4 from each.Hence 4*6=24 is left , this is to be added to 7th person's age to make the avg 43    so,  24 +  7th persn's age = 43,Therefore, 7th person's age= 43-24=19.

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Answered On : Jan 4th, 2011

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Avg age of 6 persons after 2 yrs  will be 43,hence present avge age of 6 persons should be 41,   (= 246/6)when 7th person has joined  avg is 45,   (=315/7)hence 7th person's age will be   (315- 246)= 69yrs.

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