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What is Business Service? What is the difference between workflow and business sevice? Is mandatory to create BS? Explain with small BS scenario?

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Siddharth Sinha

  • Aug 23rd, 2011

A Business Service is like a mathematical calculator. As a calculator is used, it might contain Add, Subtract and other methods depending upon the input parameters, similarly a BS has methods that perform specific operation. You can invoke BS from a Workflow if there is a need of any calculation.

A detailed study of BS is recommended at :

A workflow is a series of business process execution. For better understanding you can relate it to to a Flow Chart, where you specify inputs,decide upon the conditions and process the information. The only thing is : It is much more detailed than a flow chart. It contains Steps that depict the control the flow of business process and how the applications would behave.

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Ratnkar B

  • May 25th, 2014

Business Service is a function which can be used anywhere in the Application.

Business Service is like Public function. .means wherever we want to use then we can use it.

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